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artisttitleyearformatrecord #countryconditionprice
Anna DominoRhythm1984M12TWI520BelgiumEX/EX6 €
American singer who came to live in Brussels during the eighties. Incredibly 'cool' and low sexy voice. Or, as it was once described in the magazine Smart 'The voice of the erotic, tense, despairing, Peggy Lee-meets-Nico, thinking woman -i.e., postmodern platinum'. She recorded quite a few albums of her own, but will in Belgium always best be remembered for her cooperation with Luc Van Acker (see Luc Van Acker or Arbeid Adelt) on the memorable single 'Zanna'.
Bert De Coninck-Jean RousseauEnfant Terrible1975LPParsifal 4000/221BelgiumEX/EX35 €
Céline DionJe ne veux pas/Comment t'aimer15SEMI 2017647 PM 102FranceNM/NM 
Céline DionMon ami m'a quittée/La do do la do1983SEMI 1A006-1653817HollandNM/NM15 €
DjasbaAntoinette a steammachine driving woman1981LPVWS 1964BelgiumM/M20 €
Belgian withdrawn record, jazzy style
DowntripDownTown1979LPEPIC 83664HollandM/M50 €
Formed in Brussels back in 1969, Doctor Downtrip were to debut with a single for the Vogue label. The outfit’s slightly “psychedelic” leanings (with regards to their use of saxophone on “gravitation” and flute on “music for your mind”), gained them quite some attention. In june 1970 they played the “Puzzle P-festival”(a famous Brussels club in the Rue De Bouchers) with many Belgian hardrock bands as well as headliner Wallace Collection. But the first highlight of their relatively brief career was their appearance at the Bilzen Rock & Jazz festival in august 1970 along such acts as Badfinger and Screaming Lord Sutch. Both festivals also had another Brussels band, Burning Plague on the bill. When by the end of 1970 Plague’s Michael Heslop (who was original from the USA) decided to put his band on hold, the announcement of his entry to Doctor Downtrip quickly followed. After a while this new line-up (John Hastry on bass, Michael Heslop on guitar, Paul Van De Velden on drums, Michel Rorive on vocals and Sylvain Paul on organ) was really rocking as proven on the “summer festival Den Haan “ and the fondly-remembered Jemelle festival on august 8th,1971 where they supported Golden Earring and Genesis. It took more than a year before the new five-piece had an impressive armoury of self-penned compositions at their disposal, and the first proof of it, came in 1972 when they released the single “take my place” backed with “depressed” on CBS records. Both songs showed the real potential of this hardrock band as their fine organ/guitar work was finally captured on vinyl. After healthy sales a second two-tracker was scheduled for release, but without haste, as it was already 1973 when “jumpin’ in the air / winter’s coming” saw the light of day. An appearance as support act for Mark Bolan’s T-REX (on march 24th ,1973) at the big Vorst/Forest National hall also made impression. By the end of 1975 Doctor Downtrip had already undergone a few changes with Heslop & Paul leaving to be replaced by only a guitarplayer: José Cuisset who came from Lagger Blues Machine. But it wasn’t only the line-up who’s been changed, also the name was shortened to Downtrip. After that, the band managed to record their second lp and for the first time produced it themselves. “If You Don’t Rock Now” was released in 1976 on CBS/Epic. Excellent hard-rocking stuff throughout; highlights were “sweet lies” and the awesome “getting louder”. It took more than two years before another Downtrip album hit the shops, but “Downtown” was a fine third set. Especially the first side had storming numbers such as “scarecrow”, ”shout it out”, “dedicated to you” and the longer title song. Despite this album things started falling apart and by the end of the decade, the Downtrip members concluded that they were fighting a losing battle and had called it a day without making much of a fuss about it.
DragonSame1976LPAcorn CF268FranceNM/Msold
Jan De BeerOver-Leven1975LPParsifal KLE 4000-241BelgiumEX/EX80 €
Jan De BeerTot mijn diepe droefenis LPDL 546HollandEX/EX4 €