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artisttitleyearformatrecord #countryconditionprice
Billy FuryRun to my lovin' arms/Where do you run SDecca 26023BelgiumNM/EX45 €
Rare Belgian P/S impossible to find in this condition
FlyteDawn Dancer1979LPDon Quixote 40.002HollandVG++/VG++30 €
I can't say the only album by this Dutch band is filled with intricate and intriguing arrangements, which, for example, was typical for Arachnoid's only album released the same year and by "Musea" as well. However, the moderately complex Classic Symphonic Art-Rock, presented on "Down Dancer", is marked by a wonderful warmth and charm. They're typical not only for the music of Flyte, but also for Lu Rousseau's vocals. I'd even say in the latter, they're especially evident. As for Lu himself, he was undoubtedly one of the most unique singers - at least within the framework of Progressive Rock. However, it must be mentioned that all lyrics for this album wrote percussionist Hans Marynissen.
Franky-Sue SelectionAre you sincere/No make believe SRCA 47-15014 EX/EX35 €
FriswayN'human/Last chance phonecall1981SAriola 102.895HollandEX/EX20 €
Belgian Cold Wave
Front 242Geography1985LPHIM 015BelgiumVG++/VG++18 €
Belgian New Wave Classic
Front 242Masterblaster1988MWax 036USANM/M20 €
Very rare USA copy!!!
Front 242No comment1984LPAnother Side 8240BelgiumVG+/VG+sold
Belgian pioneers of electronic dance music
Front 242Politics of Pressure1985MAnother Side 8505BelgiumNM/NM18 €
Front 242Tragedy For You1990MCBS 49 73594USAEX/VG++sold
The master piece of the Belgian electronic dance music!
Front 242Two in one M242BelgiumM/Msold
The Holy Grail of Belgian Minimal Synth/Electronic Body music. This is the mini-LP on the very obscure 242-label. Only one record was released on this private label! This record was much more Minimal Synth inspired than the Electronic Body Music they invented. Especially Principles and Body to Body on the B-side are minimal synth masterpieces! Believe me, you will never see this record again, and certainly not in this condition!!! A-side: U Men/Ethics B-side: Principles/Body to body
Mylene FarmerMaman a tort1984SRCA PB 61298FranceEX/EX30 €
on the back "morvandiau" written in black
The FirelightsCorina/Why SCW records 901BelgiumEX/EX10 €
written on front "groeten uit Leuven, Willy"
The Fondy Riverside Bullet BandDo you know what it means to mis New Orleans?1974LPFondy 7770BelgiumEX/EX40 €
Very Rare Belgian Jazz-record!!! Featuring Sammy Rimington and John Marks Hand-singed on the back by all members of the group.
The Fox's FurI have you/Rosaline... SStart 6923BelgiumEX/EX10 €
very rare 70's oldie, comes with photo of the band. "astrid" written on the back