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artisttitleyearformatrecord #countryconditionprice
Aaron SilverThe Hustler1981LPPolydor 2926 113BelgiumEX/EX20 €
very rare Belgian rock album!
Johnny Silent & The PhantomsGuitar Boogie vol 21975LP2MM046-13259BelgiumVG++/VG++5 €
Luk SaffloerLuk Saffloer1970LPKalliope 1130BelgiumEX/EXsold
Belgian Folk
Luk SaffloerZonder Meer1974LPOmega 183-027-XBelgiumNM/NM20 €
S.S.O.Tonight's the night - S.S.O. LPRKM 4C062-97420BelgiumNM/NM10 €
Featuring Douglas Lucas & The Sugar Sisters
ScavangerBattlefields LPSKUUL 8387BelgiumM/VG++4 €
Belgian Hardrock
Schralen Tsjip & de MussenschrikKennekik aa van ieverans?1979LPMLP 808BelgiumEX/EX20 €
Shades of JoyShades of Joy1969LPFontana STL 5498UKNM/NM60 €
Ultra rare UK original copy!! This obscure psych folk west coast band had nice vocals, flute, sax, guitar, sitar, piano, flugelhorn, drums and tambourine. Rare and A-class masterpiece of the prog rock generation!!
Shakey SamSame1975LPUniverse LS-6HollandNM/NMsold
Shakey Sam (Simon Vlietstra) is a Dutch blues-legend who sadly died in 1981. At the Dorphuis Ruinerwold he played once as support-act for the Streetbeats. Because I obtained some more tapes of Live-concerts of this Frisian blues-artist. Some concerts were solo, but also with the Shakey Sam Blues Band.
ShampooVolume One1972LPMotors MF 44009BelgiumEX/VG++65 €
Sigh and Blue SkyTeach me now/Lonely Man SRain 002BelgiumNM/NM150 €
Franck Tuur composition, Belgian Holy Grail collector !!! One of the greatest psych songs made in Belgium
Siglo XXSummers Die MBias 114BelgiumEX/M20 €
Group from Limburg who made gloomy and doomy wave-music all through the eighties. Their name (which can both be pronounced as Siglo Iks Iks or as Siglo Veinte) stems from an anarchist movement during the Spanish civil war. They were pioneers in independent music (together with bands like Struggler and De Brassers) with their release of a single without a record company "The naked and the death" in 1980. From "Wit-lof from Belgium" : "The first single of Siglo XX set the tone of the sound the group were to repeat all through the eighties. A sound that - much to their disgust - has been described as "cold wave". Dragging, hollow, sometimes rocking music à la Joy Division. We are marginals, these philosophers from Genk said, but to us marginality is change, change is movement, and movement is life. The established is halted, gray, dead". The debut record "The art of war" got the group a small but very loyal following that remained faithful to the group all through the eighties. Members : - Antonio PALERMO - Dirk CHAUVAUX - Erik DRIES - Klaas HOOGERWAARD
SkrewdriverAll skrewed up1977LPCH3UKNM/EX75 €
sleeve has small tear at the top (ask picture)
Soeur SourireChante pour les petits1983LPhebra lpc 98BelgiumEX/VG++sold
Handsigned on the back: "affectueux souvenir Soeur Sourire juin 1983"
Soeur SourireThe Singing Nun LPPhilips PCC-603USAEX/EX8 €
Includes the only Belgian song which made number 1 in de USA. Also includes paintings made by Soeur Sourire
SolutionDivergence1973LPHarvest 5C 056-24541HollandVG++/VG++20 €
This is excellent & accessible Netherlandish fusion with expressive lead vocals. There is an omnipresent melodic and rhythmic piano; the other involved keyboards are mainly an often very distorted dirty organ, electric piano mainly with a VERY dirty effect, and wah-wah dirty moog like on the Camel's "Moonmadness" album. There are excellent lively sax melodies. The saxes are sometimes absolutely extreme and very intense, like at the end of the "Divergence" track, reminding the ones at the end of Pink Floyd's "Shine on your crazy diamond part 1". The bass is very loud and bottom, especially on the "Concentration" track. There are a couples of psychedelic or spacy parts, like the drowned effect on the piano of "Second line" or the minimal keyboards a la Tangerine Dream's "Alpha Centauri" on the intro of "Fever". Hans Waterman's drums are very varied, complex and refined, as always. There are some very good flute parts. The "Divergence" track was replayed by Focus, on their "Eruption" track. The excellent flute on "Fever" sounds like the one on the early Focus' albums, and the dirty piano reaches a very short wah-wah EXTREME INTENSITY! The too short "Theme" is a peaceful and graceful flute interlude, a sort of acoustic reprise of the main theme on "Concentration". "New dimension" is probably the most accessible one, with its catchy rhythmic piano & lead vocals plus its tender saxes quite played in the background; have you noticed the constant dirty organ line in the background? Compared to the next "Cordon Bleu" album, released 4 years later, this record sounds really vintage; however, this record should proudly be in any reasonable 1971 top prog/fusion list.
StemmingPicknick1980LPPapagayo 3907BelgiumNM/NM25 €
Stemming was een Limburgse kleinkunstgroep die eind jaren ’70 actief was en succes oogstte met liedjes zoals Willem, Alle golven, Speel eens voor mij, Niet slecht bedoeld, … De groep werd opgericht in 1976 en bestond uit Ria Geraerts (Opgrimbie, 1952), Jan Luyten (Meeuwen, 1949), Gisèle Sikora (Genk, 1952), Noël Schobben (Lanaken, 1954), Roger Nickmans (As, 1950), Roland Broux (Genk, 1958) en Jan Cox (Neerpelt, 1951). Ria Geraerts was de zangeres en tekstschrijfster. De groep bracht 2 LP's uit en werd in 1981 ontbonden.
Stone EdgeTone Colors LPEmpty Reel Records ERR 01-001BelgiumNM/NM25 €
Leon Lhoest: keyboards Eric Melaerts: guitars Evert Verhees: bass André Pallemaerts: drums René Harvengt: vibes Chris Joris: percussion
The ScabsRoyalty in Exile1990LPPlay it again Sam BIAS 160HollandEX/VG++5 €
Belgian's band with the highest degree of 'rock & roll'