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artisttitleyearformatrecord #countryconditionprice
1000 OhmA.G.N.E.S.1995MRomantic Records 2105024BelgiumNM/NM15 €
Minimal Synth Classic!
1000 OhmLove in motion1984MInfinity 12508BelgiumNM/EXsold
"Can you tell me, Love is just a game, Can you feel it, It's driving me insane..."
1000 OhmThe Claim1984MPlaza 70.001BelgiumEX/VG++sold
Great Euro-Disco, one of the best electronic dance projects of the 80's!
Les TroubadoursSame1960LPAZ LPS17FranceVG++/VG++sold
Legendary French folk
TC MaticChoco1983LPEmi 1A0641191671BelgiumEX/EX6 €
Arguably the best Belgian band ever
TechnotronicPump up the jam1989MARS 3740BelgiumEX/EX6 €
Technotronic was a project of Belgian producer Jo Bogaert at the beginning of the nineties, comparable in fame & status to the acts such as C+C Music Factory, Snap, S'Express and Soul 2 Soul.
Terje RypdalTerje Rypdal1971LPECM 1016GermanyVG++/VG++35 €
Ultra rare Druggy, Prog, Jazz, Fusion!!
The Turbo-JetsSo Sassy / Far East Cha Cha Cha SFederal F695BelgiumVG/Generic50 €
lots of small hairlines but soundquality close to VG+
ToyAll American1984MChannel Records 12-10BelgiumEX/EX9 €
To this day, Toy remains one of the true classics of Belgian music in the eighties, and probably the closest the belpop-generation came to synth-pop from an international level.
ToyThe Split1981LPEMI 1A062-64381HollandNM/EX5 €
Belgian group playing 'civilized rock music', with a career spanning the seventies to the nineties
TrafficLast Exit LPUnited Artists 6702USAM/M16 €
Since Traffic [+] originally planned its self-titled second album as a double LP, the group had extra material left over, some of which saw release before the end of 1968 (there was a new, one-off single released in December, "Medicated Goo"/"Shanghai Noodle Factory"). In January 1969, Steve Winwood [+] announced the group's breakup. That left Island Records, the band's label, in the lurch, since Traffic [+] had built up a considerable following. As far as Island was concerned, it was no time to stop, and the label quickly set about assembling a new album. Excellent addition to any prog music collection
Trio Johan KoopmansEP: Last Tuesday - Gard Rag - Why didn't you stay EPhertz 001BelgiumNM/NM40 €
VERY RARE JAZZ COLLECTOR BY THE BELGIAN TRIO JOHAN KOOPMANS. Recorded in Gard Sivik by Studio Hertz. Piano: Johan Koopmans Bas: Eddy Johnson Drums: Paul Bourdiaudhy
TrolTrol1982LPParsifal 4001061BelgiumVG+/VG+8 €
TuxedomoonDesire1981LPPRE X 4UKNM/VG++22 €
Tuxedomoon, formed by multi-istrumentists Steve Brown, Blaine Reininger and Peter "Principle" Dachert, were the most erudite of the group. They were also natural descendants of progressive-rock, as demonstrated on Half Mute (1980), that scored pieces for keyboards, saxophone and violin besides the rock trio. The languid, seductive and stately demeanor of those avantgarde chamber lieder absorbed the spirit of both decadentism and surrealism. Their eclectic inspiration turned Suite En Sous-sol (1982) into a stylistic tour de force, running the gamut from chamber music (for unusual combinations of instruments) to disco-pop to world-music to raga-rock to psychedelic-rock to renaissance music etc. Later, on works such as Holy Wars (1985), settled on a form of neo-classical fusion/dance music that harked back to Canterbury's surreal, depressed and elegant jazz-rock.
Twelfth NightLive and let live1983LPMFN 18UKM/NM18 €
Live and Let Live is a marathon live album that was released by Twelfth Night in the early 80s, a very energetic performance replete with a raw, punkish feel and a dramatic vocal performance from the late Geoff Mann. Musically, the band falls in line with the typical sound of the day, an aggressive, streamlined take on Genesis-y prog, and dependent on the on-stage antics (narration, costumes) of their frontman. Judging from this album, Twelfth Night is certainly much more hard-edged and guitar oriented than Marillion, though probably not as complex as IQ. Generally, songs are oriented around electric guitar parts, shifting from clean melodic passages to more metallic, up-tempo affairs with significant digital synthesizer flourishes topped Geoff Mann's eccentric and emotional vocal delivery. If you're familiar with their peers, you should have a pretty good idea already of whether or not this will appeal to you. Recorded live at the Marquee 4th & 5th november 1983.