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artisttitleyearformatrecord #countryconditionprice
AC/DCWhole lotta rosie LIVE1991SSugarhat RecordsBrazilNM/NM20 €
Limited Edition Promo Only 500 copys
Alle 24 Goed!Alle 24 Goed!1985LPPunk Etc 002BelgiumEX/VG++sold
Most sought after Belgian Punk Album. Includes the best of the best: Capital Scum, Koyaanisquatsi, Vortx, War Risk 3, Wulpse Varkens, Zyklome A
Allez AllezDon't bother me1984MVogue G 20 012BelgiumNM/NM6 €
Allez Allez is the funky follow-up of the Brussels-based collective Marine (see Marine). The more experimental part of Marine also continued to make music, under the flag of the wild and wonderful La Muerte (see La Muerte). Although Allez Allez (which means "well, well" or, with a different intonation "Go! Go!") was very successful, it - unfortunately - lasted only a few years. Only from 1982 to 1983 in fact. The trademark of Allez Allez were highly danceable and catchy rhythms, African influences and high quality singing. Together, this formed a powerful and funky mixture. Their motto was "wrap your legs around your head". The group was headed by the American singer Sarah Osbourne, who came to Belgium with her group Repetition that was signed by the Belgian record label "Les Disques du Crépuscule", where Marine also had their contract. In the slipstream of the successful debut-single "She's stirring up", the mini-album "African Queen" arouses a lot of interest and becomes a gold record. It even earns them a place at the famous Torhout-Werchter festival that year. The song "African Queen (pour la grâce)" of the same album is a tribute to Grace Jones. In November they record a full album in the Garden-studio of John Foxx in a production of Heaven17-mastermind Martin Ware. This time it's a more refined funk-album with some soul-influences. The road for an international breakthrough seemed open, but then singer Sarah Osbourne left the groups and married the singer of Heaven 17, Glenn Gregory (they divorced three years later). A replacement was found in the Afro-American Jackie Irwin of New York. She never managed to truly replace the sensual and flexible Sarah. The 12 '' "Boom boom" flopped, although it was produced by the discoverer of Madonna, Mark Kamins. Band members : - Sarah Osbourne / Jackie Irwin (vocals) - Marcassou (bass) - Christian Debusscher (guitar) - Nico Fransolet (guitar) - Robbie Bindels (drums) - Roland Bindi (percussion)
Allez AllezPromises1982LPVirgin 205,140BelgiumM/VG++3 €
Belgian New Wave
AngeAu-delà du délire1974LPPhilips 9101 004FranceM/EX24 €
This album is chock full of moments of unbelievable, breathtaking intensity. "Longues Nuits d'Isaac" is an utter barn burner, beginning with a earth shattering electric guitar riff from Jean Michel Brezovar and proceeding beneath Christian DeCamps primal roar. "Ballade Pour Une Orgie" is a pleasant, melodic piece with great dueling acoustic guitar melodies. In an album full of highlights, perhaps the finest moment comes at the solo break of "Exode", where Brezovar unleashes a savage guitar lead that gradually builds over the throbbing rhythmic backdrop, as it hits its peak, the mellotrons come soaring in with majestic orchestral swells, as Brezovar's guitar screams beneath. A climax of pure progressive splendor. "Fils de Lumeire" is another extraordinary piece, short but to the point, with an infectious main theme, making its mark with Christian DeCamps' dramatic vocal delivery. And who can forget about the enormous title track? The album closes out with a nine minute piece of pure mellotron worship, gorgeously intense. Au Dela du Delire is a progressive rock classic. Comparisons to Genesis and Van der Graaf Generator are pretty much moot. Ange are undoubtedly the most influential French symphonic group, and like Genesis, King Crimson or Yes, have gone down as innovators of a particular style by which the pretenders are measured. Other bands sound like Ange, but Ange are an entity unto themselves. Au Dela du Delire is their opus, don't miss it. - Greg Northrup [September 2001]
AnjesAfspraak met Anjes LPPolydor 2411007BelgiumVG++/VG++25 €
zeer zeldzame LP
Arbeid AdeltMusic1987MEMI BAA 1HollandEX/EX25 €
The story of Arbeid Adelt! is quite a peculiar one. But so are the group members. Always on the brink between anarcho-absurdism and the ridiculous, between electronic experiment and the asylum, the music of Arbeid Adelt! was certainly never to be heard in your average elevator or shopping centre. Arbeid Adelt! was formed in 1981 by Marcel Vanthilt (Max Alexander) and Jan Van Roelen (David Salamon). Together they produced the singles "Ik sta scherp" (which can be translated both as "I'm so sharp", or "I'm so horny"). Their first gig lasted only seven minutes as they had only 2 songs to perform : "Ik sta scherp" and "Schuld, mij treft geen ..." (Blame, I'm not to ...). Soon more songs were to follow. Later on, the group was joined by Luc Van Acker with whom they recorded the mini-album "Jonge Helden" (Young heroes). Their amusing lunacy and their inventive clips made "Lekker Westers" (Nicely Western) and "De man die alles noteert" (The man who takes notes of everything) popular favorites. "They split up after finishing their second mini-album "Le chagrin en Quatre-vingt". Only one year later, the group reformed without Luc Van Acker who was replaced by Willy-Willy on guitar (see Scabs) and Danny Klein at vocals (at that time backing vocalist with Catalog of Cool. She would later get famous with Vaya Con dios). They recorded a single ("Decoiffé/Stroom") but decided to split up again. Marcel Vanthilt went on to broaden his horizon by becoming a Vee-Jay for the then emerging TV-station MTV and by getting involved with Justine, his American wife. Band members : - Marcel Vanthilt (pseudo Max Alexander) : Vocals/Keyboard - Jan Vanroelen (pseudo David Salomon): Guitar/Keyboard - Luc Van Acker: Guitar and for a short period : - Willy Willy: Guitar - Dani Klein: Vocals
De AlvermanDe Alverman vertelt… LPCardinal LP1012BelgiumM/EX5 €
Marc AryanNicky LPEMI SMA 1804BelgiumVG++/EX5 €
Belgian chanson
Rey Anton and the Peppermint MenWishbone/Kingsway1965SParlophone R 5245UKNM/NM15 €
Great top mod northern soul